Celltrion to supply rapid COVID-19 tests to US govt.

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Celltrion's COVID-19 test kit DiaTrust (Celltrion)

Celltrion announced Thursday that it had won a contract to supply its rapid COVID-19 test DiaTrust to the US government.

Starting Oct. 1, Celltrion USA, Celltrion’s US-based unit, will begin supplying COVID-19 tests to 25,000 sites, including military facilities, nursing homes and COVID-19 test centers.

Under the deal signed with the US Defense Logistics Agency, the US authorities could buy more if needed. Celltrion said the total amount could reach 738.2 billion won ($626.61 million), without disclosing the initial order.

Bloomberg reported that the deal was for 19 million DiaTrust tests for $626.4 million.

Celltrion said among companies that recently won US government contracts, it expected to be the largest supplier of rapid COVID-19 tests.

“It is meaningful that the company has won the US government contract, which asks to procure domestic materials and products under the Buy American Act.”

Celltrion’s DiaTrust is an antigen test co-developed by Celltrion and local biotech firm Humasis. The test won emergency use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration in April.

The rapid COVID-19 test, which is used in medical settings, can return results in about 15 minutes on-site.

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